Before/After Projects


Master bathroom cabinet - Think vertical! If you are short on space, create additional storage by maximizing use of vertical space.



Hall Closet - Containerizing small items instead of loosely placing items on shelves makes it easy to keep your items grouped together and separated so that you can find your items easily. It is also faster to find an item and put away an item if the container has a promimently placed label.



Entrance Hall Shelve - I love a shelve in the entryway as a place to throw your keys, cell phone and other items you can't leave home without, but it can easily become a catch-all. To avoid catch-all syndrome, map out exactly what you want to keep on this shelve and pick out a few storage solutions specifically for keys, change and outgoing mail.



Laundry Room(Left) - Even though the laundry room is often behind closed doors, this room should still follow the same organizing principles as the rest of your home. A small, portable shelving unit is great for housing cleaning supplies, and detergent.

Guest Bathroom Cabinet(Right) - Have one set of cleaning products stored in each bathroom so they are easy to clean. This shelf maximizes space by creating two levels so retrieving and seeing items is easy.



Desk - A home office desk is oftentimes a source for personal clutter in addition to business matters. After the sorting & purging process is complete, desktop accessories work great for efficient paper flow.



Toy/Game Shelf - Toys & games always have a habit of ending up all over the house. Using a vertical shelving unit to containerize your children's belongings is essential to maintaining an easy organizational system. Remember, shelves need to be within a child's reach so the games can go back where they found them!